The Gr8Mind$@W0rk Group

was registered under the laws of the republic of Ghana in September 2016 as KLAH GR8 MINDS @ WORK to revolutionize the service industry in the country and thus Africa by utilizing local resources identified in the young African generation to design services and pragmatic solutions to fixing our socio-economic challenges as Ghanaians for that matter Africans. The Gr8Mind$@W0rk Group serves as the parent body of eight sub entities enumerated below:

1- the black ride

is a IT and Tourism company that seeks to revolutionize the transport industry in Ghana by providing the technological platform that enables drivers and riders to effectively offer and take rides respectively in a clean, safe and secured manner. It will thus provide the needed professional touch in the transportation industry thereby providing jobs for the people. It is envisaged that the black ride alone will provide a least 250 jobs in 2017. For more information, visit

2- pay my fees

is a solution that allows students and parents to pay school fees online or on the mobile phone at the click of a few buttons. It is unhealthy how students of the various universities queue at the banks to pay for their school fees and then proceed to queue at the universities to register courses for the semester. In following the entire information flow, we realize we can design a solution that allows parents and students alike to do this on the computer or mobile phone with internet connectivity. This solution is not vendor based, but opened to all schools (including primary and secondary) who sign up on it. This will increase our technological prowess as Ghanaians in our local solutions. A lot of jobs will be created out of this service to the country and Africa at large. For more information, visit

3- klahssic solutions

is an IT Solutions company which provides young talents in the universities and polytechnics the chance of utilizing their expertise to identify and solve pertinent socio-economic problems in Ghana with the use of Information Technology. These are organized as competitions and seek to unearth the genius in our young generation who are keen on providing for our future security as Africans. We are here to guide them in their quest to make Africa a better place. We will eventually assist them to develop these solutions from working models to real life solutions.

4- klahssic village

is a real estate company that focuses on using green technology to create beautiful eco-friendly communities in Accra. The first of its kind, the klahssic village sits on a 50 acre land in Dabanyin, East Gomoa, Ghana and will house over 200 estate buildings and offices in an eco-friendly community making use of natural resources and efficient building technology to make the village an eco-friendly society. The estate will mostly be 4 bedroom one storey houses with various entertainment sources around for adults and children. There will be a common farm that produces food for the community using every organic waste generated from the community to circle back in a clean manner.

5- klatt sports

is a soccer management company that grooms very young raw talents into becoming professional footballers. We showcase videos of their performance in club level league matches for prospective team owners to scout and provide them with an opportunity to play on the international front.

6- gr8 farms

is a farm that produces eggs and packages them for consumption together with chicken for food. gr8 farms also focuses on producing organic food crops and delivers them primarily to the residents of the klahssic village and its environs to promote healthy living and lifestyle.

7- gr8 schools

This is a primary to secondary school that focuses on catholic pedagogy in building young talents at the very young age so they become meaningful people in society inculcating discipline and respect throughout their training in order to be come wonderful adults to hold future generations; thus making the world a better place.

8- the btc tech club

We seek to sensitize the public on emerging technologies that define the future of money both as a store of value and as a transactional instrument. The blockchain technology; the underlining brain on which bitcoin sits on has given us the opportunity to rethink how we can get away from trust and obtain digital proof of the existence of a particular transaction. The btc tech club trains people for free every Saturday on the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency. For more information visit

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