IT Solutions
for Your Industry


We currently are helping in our small way to reduce the unemployment levels in the country with our maiden ride hailing platform - the black ride - that seeks to provide cars to drivers to drive on our platform to services the transportation needs in the country. Our flagship application charges very low commissions and therefore enables the drivers to earn more. We have other services that ride on this platform - delivery etc.

NGO Tech Support in Remote Areas

We provide support to NGO operations in the remote areas of Ghana assisting in improving the livelihood of the local people. We provide them with manage IT Services and Internet Connectivity in order to facilitate their connection to the headquarters in Accra and their lives abroad.


With the advent of technological innovations solving age old problems, we realize our youth are no where to be found when such solutions are being developed. We have seen a solution to that problem and thus offer computer training to our teachers and children at school and in our facilities as our bid into providing a fix. In partnership with Institute of IT Professionals - Ghana (IIPGH), we provide children with relevant skills to write computer software which opens their mind into how software programs are written. Since we start training at an early age, the prospective child will certainly be an expert in the field of writing computer programs and will join in on the world stage with the brightest minds too. We believe this also enhances the IT literacy training programs already put together by the various schools and organizations to help bring up the digital literacy standards of our children. To apply as a school or an individual, please contact us


We continue to train and speak at conferences and workshops to impart knowledge and spell out misconceptions on emerging technologies such as blockchain and crypto-currencies to keep the public alert towards the innovative disruption and how we as a people can leverage that to participate in trade improved service delivery on global economy.

Energy & Utilities

We build energy efficient power solutions that provide high electrical availability to clients managed servers and technological infrastructure in order to minimize their utility costs and overall carbon foot print. We employ the use of solar solutions to manage and give there systems infrastructure always online without depending on the grid. 


We are currently researching into building a smart Ghana through blockchain-based solutions to power our technological environment making it efficient to facilitate access to healthcare, land/other resources, insurance, trade and other services to accurately generate the  revenue the Government requires to help improve on service delivery.